University Imaging

Document Imaging is converting documents to electronic files. This has many benefits, such as freeing up the office space, saving money on materials and staff time dedicated to filing and making document retrieval easier. We offer document imaging services at a cost per image. Services included are:

Creating Application - We will meet to identify specific filing needs. The application will be set up and imaging will communicate with the IT dept to add it to the campus system. Log in would be your okey account. Access Rights will be set up with dept head authorization.
Preparing Documents - This includes pulling staples, paper clips, etc. This part of our service may add to the price per image.
Imaging - We scan documents into the imaging system verifying each page is as they are sent to imaging.
Test Run - We always run a test on each application. The dept will be given time at this point to review and make changes if needed.
Document Destruction - We process the paperwork that is required for document destruction authorization. Then we shred the documents once we have authorization.
Reminders - NO credit card numbers visible, please use black ink, highlight with light yellow or pink.
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If you have any questions, please contact us via email at or by phone at 405-744-7183.